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We are an aspiring nonprofit, dedicated to bringing more ocean aware divers to diving by hosting a gateway and a resource to assist recreational professionals, manufacturers, ocean scientists, certifying agencies and divers to share more.

The ocean is our planet's most precious resource. The more recreational divers there are, the more interest and understanding of the oceans there will be, which means that more responsible actions will be taken concenrning ocean conservation.

We have collated the basic information of over 20k dive spots around the world which we have shared with BLU, a dive log and dive management solution. As dive sites are validated, divers and dive stores are able to publish logs and schedules using BLU which then appear on this map.

More published dive logs means more interest in diving. Whether for the first time, or the first time in a long time, add content to your local dive sites, and help save the planet!

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